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** COVID-19 Guidelines**

*When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car for a text or when you see me come to the door. This will allow enough time to disinfect surfaces in between clients. I will do my best to stay on time and I appreciate your patience in advance if I’m running behind. 

*Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the spa and it is recommended to be used on entry and exit.


*Face mask are only required if you have not been vaccinated. 


*If you are more comfortable if I wear I mask, I will be happy to do so.

If you are the least bit apprehensive about your visit, I understand, the constant changing information is overwhelming. Since I am the only worker and can see only one client at a time, I do feel that provides an advantage as to the ability to offer a higher level of disinfecting in-between clients. Please know how important your safety is to me and that I will do everything possible to ensure that you have a good experience during the unique circumstances that COVID-19 presents. 
I look so forward to seeing you! 


I would love the opportunity to provide any of the many services that are offered for you. I use Eminence Organic Skin Care for for all the facial and body treatment services. Our bodies absorb up to 60% of what we apply topically. Why not use ingredients that were hand-picked fresh to deliver outstanding results. The facial services offer something for everyone. Whether you are already enjoying the benefits of regular facials, are new to skin care treatments to the sensitive skin needs of someone going through chemotherapy or radiation, there is always something unique for you. Offering a seasonal facial, my goal is to keep it fresh and exciting to you, each and everytime you come in.


There are also many options available for all your hair removal needs. For people who prefer to have their eyebrows tweezed, threading the lip or chin for a more natural look, to waxing. Whether you are having your eyebrow, lip or other sensitive body parts waxed, I have at all times at least four wax options available. Share your waxing concerns with me and I will choose the one best for you.




Tues:  9:00am-7:00pm

Wed:  9:00am-7:00pm

Thur: 10:00am-7:00pm

Fri:     9:00am- 4:00pm

Sat:    9:00am- 3:00pm




      or call



Robin's Nest Wellness Skin Spa

2600 Alexandria Pike

Suite 3

Highland Heights, KY 41076

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