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Who should not wax?


Anyone taking or using Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, antibotics, blood thinners, any prescription  medication for acne, or any medications that list "sun sensitivity." Topical medications should be  stopped for 2-6 weeks prior to waxing. Accutane should stopped for 1 year prior to waxing.


"I've been waxed before with no problems." Things to consider is the strength, the  frequency, and the length of which the medication has been used. 

"I don't use that medication around my eyes." Topical medications are absorded into the bloodstream,  therefore making all the skin on the face more sensitive.


Anyone going through chemotherapy.

If you are diabetic.

Recent chemical peels or laser treatments.


It always a good  to know the products you are using in your skin care regimen. Ingredients such as    AHA's, retinols, salicylic acid and benzol peroxide can increase sensitivity.


I find an increase in skin sensitivity when the weather gets cold and our skin gets drier and also use of  some cold medications.


Recent Botox, Fillers or plastic surgery refer to your doctor's recommendation.


Our skin is a very complex organ and so many things have the potential to cause sensitivity. It is so important to protect the intergrity of it. Always update any changes that you have had since your last wax. Let me know If you have had any prior skin lifts or have any allergies. This way we can asses the safety of waxing for your individual concerns. Please know that I will do everything I can to reduce redness, swelling,  and irritation post wax. If you can't be waxed there is always an alternative. I can tweeze your eyebrows, or thread the lip and chin areas. 









      The removal of unwanted hair by a soft or hard wax can be done on ALMOST any part of the body. It is a more effective way of hair removal than shaving at keeping the area smoother longer. It also is a great alternative for those prone to razor burn.  Continual waxing can result in the hair growing in softer, finer and sparser. Waxing will not cause the hair to grow in coarser, this happens primarily by hormonal changes. 




A Word About Your Safety




Skin should always be prepped during your service and an after care product/antiseptic lotion should always be applied.


If double dipping is not a good idea at parties why would it be okay with wax applied to delicate areas. NO DOUBLE DIPPING. Also if you see the tip of a wax stick immersed in wax at any other time then when it's attached to your esthethician hand, leave immediately.


Instruments such as tweezers and scissors should never be hap-hazardly laying around. They are to be cleansed with soap and water, then immersed in a hospital grade disinfectant for the recommended time and then moved to a dry cabinet sanitizer (this storage container should house them until the time they are needed specifically for you).


Take a minute and look at your surroundings, you owe it to yourself!


How Long Do I Have To Let My Hair Grow Out?



I'm sorry, other than a swim skirt or hibernation, there is just no good answer for the growing out phase.


Two weeks of growth is best, this equals about 1/4 inch. It's a fine balance and everybody thinks their hair grows fast.  Course hair is a mandatory two weeks. Typically the longer the hair the better. Letting the hair grow out will equal less breakage, cleaner, smoother skin and the longer the hair will take before it returns. 


A note on trimming area hair: there are definitely areas that could use a liitle trim if too long. If unsure please call. I have decided that as a sanitary precaution I will not do this in spa. There is just no good way to clean this up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What is Normal?


First, everyone can react to waxing differently. 


Pain can vary greatly from person to person.  A lot depends on the courseness of hair and your tolerance of pain. In my opinion I find that if you are accustomed to a hard wax, a soft wax may feel more painful to you. If the hair is not pulled out by the roots the discomfort is minimal but the result is also minimal. A lot of people find if they take ibuprofin 1/2 to 1 hour before waxing that pain can be reduced.


Facial waxing usually results in redness which may vary from person to person. I'm actually more surprised when someone doesn't turn red. The amount of time that the redness last can be 5 minutes to the next morning for the very sensitive. Some very minimal and temporary swelling can occur. Breakouts on the lip and between the eyebrows is fairly common. I will use a wax sensitive to this concern and also teach you what you can do at home to minimize this nuisance. Hives can occur but are not that common and are caused by having an allergy to a specific ingredient in the pre or post-wax or the wax itself. Skin lifts can occur but also are not common. This usually is the result of waxing when there is a medicine being used that contraindicates it, such as Retin-A. I know many people will think this can only occur if the wax is too hot, but if certain types of wax are not hot enough they will be extra tacky on the skin and as a result causes more pulling on the skin. This in my opinion can be another reason the skin can lift.


Body waxing will usually result in some redness. It is very normal after leg waxing to feel a little bit of stubble. This is more common for the first few waxes until the hair starts to grow in softer and finer. If possible I will try and tweeze this hair but sometimes when the skin is inflamed this can be hard to see. The bikini area can result temporarily in what I call chicken skin. I find the benefit of not having razor burn or having to shave everyday is well worth it. Ingrown hairs can be common for body waxing. When the hair becomes softer and finer it can be harder for the hair to come through the surface of the skin. Gently exfoliating the area or using an ingrown hair treatment cream can help.


In general waxing is a very safe and effective service. Always use common sense around the time you wax. For example I would not want to wax eyebrows of a bride the day before getting married. I find it's best to always give yourself a few days recovery time.


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