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Mother's Day Stories 2015


Tanner & Patti's Story


There are many words that can be used to describe my mother, and all of them would be accurate. Aside from the everyday motherly tasks of waking the kids up, making lunches, or doing the laundry, my mom also holds the weight of raising me and my two sisters on her own- although we are each over the age of 17- and does so with excellence. My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June of 2011 and passed away on August 2, 2013. During this 2 year period my mom really stepped up to the plate and took the role of caregiver to a whole new meaning. She is the most selfless person I have ever seen and does everything without expecting a thank you. She is the strongest and most optimistic person I know; Nothing seems to slow her down. Not many people can do what my mom has done, she is my hero in every way possible.





Holly & Kim's Story


I am very honored to share with you my mother's story :).

She is such an example of "humbleness & always sacrificing everything for others".


My mom's name is Kim, but most often called "Kimmy" by family & friends. She is one of the most "giving" and "selfless" persons that I know. She always puts others before herself. I could write to you about numerous occasions of her kindness and care, starting from my childhood until now, but I want to particularly focus on what my mother went through very recently.

My mom not only drops everything to be there for her husband, children, neighbors, family, and friends ( even strangers), but we have watched her work so hard ( emotionally & physically) these past years with taking care of her parents until they passed on this November & January. Her father & mother were such a priority to her no matter how tough taking care of them was. She never complained though she had so much weight on her shoulders. Her father had been in a wheel chair for many, many years and battled cancer and other complications. He was in and out of hospitals, rehab centers, surgical procedures and more. It was too much for my grandma to take care of him so my mom stepped in to make sure everything was taken care of. My grandma suffered dementia and my mom took my grandma into her own home to live with her. Seeing this was a true model of "sacrifice".  Watching the 24/7 care and love that my mom gave along with patience through the struggles, it was enough that would break anyone down, but my mom just kept going without any complaining. I cannot explain how strong of a woman my mom is. The "behind the scenes" hours of paperwork, medical bills, driving both of her parents to all of their doctors visits, her sleepless nights, and knowing that inside she had to be hurting but never showed any of us that. Even though sometimes it was tough to take her mother out in public because of how the dementia would make my grandmother act, my mom still drove my grandma to get her nails done, her hair done, lunches with friends & family and more, and she was never embarrassed of how my grandmother acted. She wanted my grandma to feel special, pretty, and loved. Watching my mom also "live" at the nursing home where her father was, was hard as well. My mom would spend early hours, day hours and late night hours at the nursing home because my grandpa always wanted her there. My mom was known by every patient and staff member at the nursing home and she would bring them "goodies" and "gifts". She would stop in many of the elderly individuals rooms to sit and talk. They became her friends and she gave of her "time" to give them company and she enjoyed their company too! She is a gardener so she donated many flowers and plants at the nursing home and planted them all to make their gardens beautiful. She even planted a tomato plant for a man there so he could have a garden of his own.  I am crying as I am typing this because I feel my mom deserves such special recognition that I feel I could never give her. I feel I could never be the incredible person that she is and I want to be just like her. I always have. She is my role model and inspiration in life. Watching her love for everyone and especially my two daughters, it makes me feel beyond blessed to have her in my life. Before I became a mother, I never imagined feeling the "gratefulness" of what sacrifices my mom made for me when I was young through even now. As soon as I became a mother, I felt so much thankfulness to my mom for all she has done, and all she continues to do. I can't thank her enough and words can not describe how wonderful she is. I could write a book about her and moments of her kindness, but I am glad I got to share just a glimpse of who she is. Thank you for listening to "my mom's story"!





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