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N- nuture, nourish, nature, niceness

E- enveloping, escape, encouragement, energy

S- serene, sanctuary, secure, safe, strength

T- trust, tenderness, teach, togetherness, tranquil

What's in a Name?


   Hi, my name is Robin Mallery. I have been an esthetician for 25 years, and after going by Mallery for sixteen years, I am excited to start this next chapter using my name chosen for me by my father.

   When choosing a name for the spa, of course, I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted it to convey warmth and comfort. Days of discussions and over-analyzing produced more uncertainty. When my husband suggested Robin's Nest, I wasn't sure how I felt about using my name for the business. I've known that I wanted a nature theme for my spa, so over the next few days it really just made sense. As things evolved, the picture became clearer. It started to become more about being at home for this next journey in  life. 

   A nest can signify so many things. To me, it is  a shelter for new beginnings. It can be a place of rest and safety. Then there's the obvious where birds lay their eggs. They take care of them, keep them safe and warm. I want my guests to always feel welcomed, comforted, accepted and rejuvenated.


 So I welcome everyone to ROBIN'S NEST, come as you are and be my guest.

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